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Entertaining Again

Posted on 2008/05/04 10:58:37 (May 2008).

[Friday 25th April]
Following last night's none too successful attempt to entertain our visiting colleague I decided tonight I should give it another go. On a previous visit he'd made to London I'd tried to take him along to the whisky society, as he'd confessed to being something of a Scotch fan. Unfortunately on that occasion it had been closed for refurbishment so we never made it. Thus the plan for this evening was a simple one - to go back there and try again - but on the way we'd need to find somewhere to have dinner.

This did initially cause some concern, but thankfully we were a much smaller group than the previous day (just the three of us), and I decided just to head over to Holborn and take my chances. High Holborn itself is a bit barren in terms of eateries, but having been tipped off about a Chinese place (or something like that) on Red Lion Street I thought I'd take an exploratory wander down there... and so I stumbled upon Edokko a little Japanese restaurant that turned out to be a surprise hit. Perhaps best of all for me was that the staff spoke to me entirely in Japanese - I asked for a table for three in Japanese, and at the point where restaurant staff would normally revert to English, they just continued on in Japanese as though there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a little on the dear side I suppose - the other two guys had the assorted sashimi set which was somewhere in the region of 25, but I suppose that's just what you have to pay for authenticity.

After that we hastened on to the whisky society, where we enjoyed a selection of fine drams in the pleasant surrounds of the members' rooms. I'd like to think this went down rather well with my guests for the evening.

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