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Belgian Beer

Posted on 2008/05/04 10:41:59 (May 2008).

[Thursday 24th April]
One of my colleagues from the US was visiting our office this week, so as is the custom we had a bit of a team outing in the evening. This sort of events can often be a cause of frustration - it's very hard to get any kind of exact numbers of how many people are coming and to get those people to actually agree on a time, so you often can't book a table, and it is fiendishly hard to find anywhere in central London that you can just turn up at with 10 people and expect to be seated. Our visitor was a particular fan of Belgo Centraal - the Belgian restaurant near Covent Garden. Unfortunately it appears so are about half a million other visitors. It was getting on for 10 by the time we actually got a table (having waited round the corner at the Porter House for a bit), and clearly it was getting near the end of a long night for the staff, as they got most of our orders wrong.

Although I've been to Belgo a few times now, it has only really just occurred to me that I don't really like the food there very much - the vegetarian options always seem very much like an after thought. Maybe I'll just stick to beer and frites next time.

When we're over visiting out colleagues in the US it always seems so effortless for them to find a good place to eat which I find quite frustrating, when by comparison we're right in the centre of a big city with thousands of places to eat, and I always find myself either struggling to think of anywhere, or not being able to get in anywhere half decent. Oh well.

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