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Planning an Operation

Posted on 2008/04/24 00:02:49 (April 2008).

[Tuesday 22nd April]
Had a call from my doctor's surgery confirming the results from the scan yesterday. They seemed to think it would only require a simple operation, hopefully just day surgery, and hopefully it would only take a few days to recover afterwards. So they told me I now have to decide when I want to have it operated on - it's not something which will get better by itself, but equally they gave the impression it is probably not urgent in the short term.

It's a bizarre thing when you think about it really, as far as I can tell there's no reason to delay having it sorted out other than the fact it might not fit conveniently into one's social calendar:

April 26th: Dinner at L'Atelier Guillaume with Gerard and Clarissa.
April 27th: La Traviata with Eleanor and Algernon.
April 28th: Afternoon tea with Lady Pottering-Welks and the Bishop of Cheam.
April 29th: Have bowels stitched back together.

In the evening I managed to get back home before Chie for once (although probably only because she went for a quick drink with some people from her office), and so I cooked dinner. I made gnocchi in a cheese, garlic and spinach sauce.

Watched telly for the remainder of the evening.

Comment 1

Good luck on the decision, it's never that easy to make up one's mind on these things... :(

Posted by Lox at 2008/04/24 06:14:39.

Comment 2

Get it sorted man!

Posted by Jerry at 2008/04/25 00:33:56.

Comment 3

Hey John, don't worry about the op; it`s a really straightforward procedure, apparently the most commonly performed operation for us men. I had my hernia operation a few years ago when I was about your age, ( early 30 's) being young you'll make a swift recovery. Mine too was a day case, done at the Chelsea and Westmister Hospital - being the same hospital as used by Cherie Blair to give birth, I was excited, thinking it meant I would be getting "royal" treatment. However, since mine was being done on the NHS, they rushed to discharge me only about an hour after the op, when I was still feeling a bit groggy. "Have you got someone who can collect you? -We need your bed again for the afternoon!", they said impatiently. Fortunately my mother was already there. A few minutes after we got in the car, I felt nauseous, a common post-operative reaction to the anaesthetic. "Stop the car!" I shrieked, "I'm going to be sick!" Then followed a highly embarrassing episode of being doubled over on the pavement, enduring the disapproving stares of the local well-to-do Chelsea residents, who were no doubt thinking "What`s the world coming to.. young men, flat-out drunk in the street, at three o`clock in the afternoon?"

Posted by Will at 2008/04/27 03:08:25.

Comment 4

Thanks for the advice Will! My hospital is also going to be in a similarly posh area, so I may be able share your experience of throwing up in front of the gentry. :)

Posted by John at 2008/04/27 16:52:59.

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