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Tuesday Tedium

Posted on 2008/04/14 10:44:15 (April 2008).

[Tuesday 8th April]
The malaise continued today, and I felt an overwhelming sense of ennui about life in general.

In the evening I attempted to remedy this by leaving the office "early" (which would anywhere else be referred to as "on time"), going home by way of the supermarket, and then embarking on some fairly serious cooking. I decided to make a lasagne - a fairly time consuming dish and not the sort of thing I would usually attempt on a weekday.

I also discovered Sainsbury's Cologne style lager. I generally avoid buying supermarkets' own brand beer (for no real reason than sheer snobbishness), but had been searching around for Dom Kolsch recently, and thought this might be in that neck of the woods. It was actually made in the UK, but nonetheless had a pleasingly dry, bitter and refreshing taste to it. I will probably buy it again. I also liked the overt vegetarian symbol on it, which you don't often get on beer.

I'm not sure dinner etc really served to cure my general feeling of being down in the dumps, but it did at least go some way to taking my mind off it for a bit.

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