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Yuka's Graduation and Odaiba

Posted on 2008/04/02 07:28:05 (April 2008).

[Tuesday 25th March 2008]
The main reason for being back in Tokyo by today (and for Chie's parents also coming to Tokyo) was that today was Yuka-chan's (Chie's little sister's) graduation ceremony. It was held in a big hotel / conference centre place near Daimon, and so in the morning we headed over there from our hotel on Odaiba.

Unfortunately I had to go into do a bit of work at my company's Tokyo office today, so I only really caught the start of the ceremony, but did at least get to see Yuka-chan in her graduation outfit (which would probably look like a kimono to Western eyes, but is in fact a hakama) and took a couple of pictures.

So I had lunch at my company's office in Tokyo, and then spent the remainder of the afternoon there. I didn't mind too much going to the office - this was only one of two days I did work related stuff over the whole two-and-a-bit weeks off, and inbetween I didn't check my mail or anything like that at all.

After finishing "work" I headed back to Odaiba to meet up with Chie and her parents for dinner. We dined at Gonpachi, a small chain of restaurants, one of which was used in that famously stupid fight scene in Kill Bill. We got a table by the window, and were treated to some very nice night-time views out over Tokyo bay, including the Rainbow Bridge and those little dinner boats. The food wasn't bad either - after some complex negotiation about what exactly vegetarian meant, they did a set course menu with lots of interesting dishes - my favourite probably being the vegetable tempura served with white truffle flavoured salt. To my surprise you actually really could taste the truffle in it.

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