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Plan B: Pizza Express

Posted on 2008/02/28 21:35:46 (February 2008).

[Wednesday 27th February]
The apartment complex (or whatever you call it) where we live has a few handy facilities, including a bar and brasserie which we have almost never been to. We did poke our noses round the door once and it was pretty dead, so we never felt that inclined to bother again. It has recently been undergoing refurbishment though, and tonight - we thought - all the residents had been invited along to an opening night with free drinks and nibbles.

When we got there though we realised we'd got the date wrong - the opening had actually been the previous evening and tonight was just business as usual. I suppose we should have just stayed anyway, but suddenly we didn't really feel like it any more (maybe the absence of free food and drinks?) and so decided to go elsewhere instead.

There's a little Pizza Express just a short walk from where we live, so we decided to head over there. I'd forgotten how much I liked Pizza Express actually - the dough balls and all that. So we passed a very pleasant hour or two there.

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