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Posted on 2008/02/28 20:58:23 (February 2008).

[Tuesday 26th February]
This week we had a visiting dignitary over from our head office in California - a guy who is probably the most pivotal / senior engineer on the project I work on, and also one of the people who has been at the company longest. So as is often the way when we have visiting dignitaries we thought it only proper to take him out for dinner and a few drinks one evening while he was here, and tonight was chosen for that purpose.

We started off at the standard pub round the corner from the office, and after a couple of beers there headed off in search of dinner. Thankfully we had a suggestion for somewhere to go, and so it wasn't the usual hellish indecisive meandering that ensues whenever a group of people try and decide where to eat.

So we went to a Fuller's pub which did the usual pie menu - an ideal opportunity to let our guests (the guy had also brought his girlfriend along) some English cuisine. I'm not sure they were particularly bowled over, but I definitely felt like we had done our duty. After dinner the guy from the US invited us all back to the apartment he was staying in for a glass of wine. He'd made a smart move looking for a serviced apartment rather than a hotel room - it was about half the price and twice the space of some of the hotels people visiting us normally stay in nearby. Go figure.

Funnily enough one of the conversations we had during the course of the evening was how we never have earthquakes in the UK. How poignant.

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