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Tea Dependency and Alfie

Posted on 2008/02/28 20:48:16 (February 2008).

[Sunday 24th February]
I hadn't gone particularly crazy with the drinks last night, but woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover. I guess I just can't take my ales any more.

Chie and I dragged ourselves out of the flat for "breakfast" around lunchtime, and decided to go to the little Polish cafe near our flat that we've been to once before, and does rather hearty English breakfasts. So we spent a very pleasant half an hour or so with a cup of tea and a plate full of greasy, carbohydratey food. Lovely.

We then popped to the supermarket to buy a few bits and pieces, and I was overcome with a desire to drink lots more tea. So on arriving back at the flat we then spent the remainder of the afternoon doing just that. I think this is probably fallout from having spent the previous weekend at Vera and Robin's, where I'd drank a vast quantity of tea, however I do seem to have a particular craving for it of late. Another sign of getting old? Perhaps I'm gradually weaning myself of booze and onto tea. Can't be altogether a bad thing.

For dinner I fancied something wrapped up in tortillas, so we had these Quorn fillet things, cut into slice, with some salad etc. Was actually jolly nice.

After dinner we watched Alfie - the original version. We had, of course, seen the remake with Jude Law in some time ago, given that Chie absolutely insists we watch every film he ever appears in. However, neither of us had actually seen the Michael Caine original. I quite enjoyed it actually - it was great to see 1960s London, warts and all, especially as some of the filming locations they chose were places near where we live.

Comment 1

Yes, I agree - the original Alfie is almost a work of art now. Certainly a Classic. The way things get more and more sour as it progresses. I also find The Ipcress File is another one of his 60's classics...

Posted by Nigel at 2008/02/29 13:58:52.

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