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America Unchained

Posted on 2008/02/06 22:41:48 (February 2008).

[Tuesday 5th February]
Another slightly frustrating and unproductive day at work. It felt like my turn to cook dinner in the evening, so I went home by way of Holland & Barret and Marks & Spencer to pick up a few things. Made a sort of hotpot for dinner, and unusually put half a tin of tomatoes and a good slug of red wine in, and it came out rather well.

After dinner I watched a documentary film on the telly called America Unchained featuring the ever entertaining Dave Gorman. The premise was that he wanted to drive across America using only independent motels, gas stations, restaurants and so on, as a sort of protest against how homogeneous America (and the rest of the world) is becoming thanks to the big chains.

I've enjoyed absolutely everything I've seen or read by Dave Gorman so far, and whilst this film was less about comedy and more about getting a message across I still found it hugely engrossing. He seems to embody a lifestyle that I for one certainly aspire to - he doesn't have any kind of regular day job to speak of, and fills his life with often quite daft projects based on bets and whims, safe in the knowledge he can make a living out of it by writing books or TV shows about his experiences.

I was left with a definite sense of wanderlust once more.

Comment 1

Ah yes ... that wanderlust again... and again ...
Just when you had found that 'little bit of linoleum for the kitchen floor' in your 'digs' along comes the in-built (in bred ?) desire to go 'gadding about'.
Apologies to you other contributors .. one of those family 'in-jokes' ... not out of disrespect of course(we would not dare), but rather deep love and respect for our 'capo di capo' who is based in the nerve centre of the Hawkins family holiday empire somewhere in South Wales... cannot be more precise sorry not want other tour operators to get this vital marketing information.
So what do we do about wanderlust .... only one real solution .... make it our hobby not our day job ... 'cos it all has to be paid for as our CdiC knows !
Blessings !

Posted by The Rev at 2008/02/07 08:48:45.

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