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Monday Evening at the Club

Posted on 2008/02/06 22:29:13 (February 2008).

[Monday 4th February]
Had a bit of a frustrating day at work, was having trouble concentrating and didn't seem to be able to get much done. So I was quite pleased when the working day came to an end, and Chie emailed me to suggest going to the Whisky Society.

So we met up at Chancery Lane, and ate a quick West Cornwall Pasty Co. pasty (the good old cheese, tomato and basil of which I'm rather fond) before heading over to the society.

Had the usual interesting and eclectic mix of drams there - I had a Bowmore, a Glen Scotia, a Clynelish and a Glencadam, whilst Chie had a Miyagikyo and - gasp - a bourbon (the society does occasionally bottle a cask of the stuff). As I expected, Chie didn't really like bourbon either. Although it is often referred to still as a whisk(e)y, to me it is just a completely different product - taste-wise it is as different from Scotch as, say, rum is.

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