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Another Uninspiring Weekend

Posted on 2008/02/04 22:24:02 (February 2008).

[Sunday 3rd February]
Well it looked like the whole of this weekend was going to be generally pretty underwhelming then. I did at least venture out today - Chie had wanted to go and visit this exhibition called "Destination 2008" (about holidays etc) at Earl's Court, but I somehow wasn't really in the mood to traipse round and look at stands trying to sell us time shares on the Costa del Sol, and generally found the whole thing pretty uninspiring.

We left after not that long, and decided to head back into the centre of London to see if we could find something to amuse ourselves for the rest of the day. We poked our nose round the door of the Royal Opera House, just on the off chance there might have been something on today which we could have picked up some last minute tickets for, but there wasn't.

Oh, I bought a grey jumper round the corner from there though.

We then wandered down to the Strand, where I espied the Coal Hole - I had heard/read about it for some time, but had never actually been in. So I proposed we have a quick drink there. I suppose this was something of a small highlight for the weekend, whilst I wasn't exactly bowled over by the place, it was quite satisfactory, and I made a mental note that should I ever be organising a pub crawl that would come by this way, then this would be a suitable candidate.

We went home after that, and had kimchi nabe for dinner.

In the evening we watched the rather charming Miss Potter on DVD, which was quite nice. Somehow or other, after that I launched into an extended bout of surfing on wikipedia, particularly scrutinising a list of London gentlemen's clubs, in an attempt to choose which one I should consider tending my application to.

Comment 1

Remember what Groucho Marx said about Clubs - he didn't want to join any that would want him as a member. Oh yes, and I think you have to be somewhat more than merely stinking rich to join one. Cheaper to pay the upkeep on a truffle oak.

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/02/04 22:32:34.

Comment 2

I had exactly that same thought - as much as I love the Whisky Society, the fact that they let just anyone join (e.g. me) means it doesn't really feel like much of an accolade to be a member.

Posted by John at 2008/02/04 22:39:36.

Comment 3

A Gentlemen's Club?! Nothing less! I always knew you were a smug bastard!

Incidentally, I'm reading "Carry on, Jeeves" (P.G. Wodehouse, but I guess you know that)! Not easy to catch upper class slang from the mid twenties, but it's great fun to read nonetheless!

Posted by Sheri at 2008/02/05 08:09:40.

Comment 4

D'you think the Royal Anglo-Belgian Club (established in 1909, now associated with the Royal Thames Yacht Club) would suit me?

Posted by Sheri at 2008/02/05 08:24:36.

Comment 5

If I were you I'd accept only the one established in 1762!

Posted by Lox at 2008/02/05 08:30:40.

Comment 6

Well it certainly sounds a busy weekened, compared with mine, John! The "Coal Hole" looks intriguing. I particularly like the idea of a "frieze of wistful maidens". Perhaps all waiting for their inebriated men-folk to emerge! :)

Sheri - I doff my hat to you and your reading matter! I have that very tome right here! I think perhaps it is a little more "stilted" than some, but still a ripping read! That first paragraph sets the pace well. :)

Posted by Nigel at 2008/02/05 21:30:16.

Comment 7


Tea, tea, tea - what! what!
Bucks you up, you know!

Posted by Sheri at 2008/02/06 06:30:10.

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