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Drinking at the Office

Posted on 2008/02/02 11:12:26 (February 2008).

[Friday 1st February]
Today was one of those wholly unproductive days at the office. In fact a large part of my team spent most of the latter half of the day drinking. We'd had an intern here in London for the past three months, and today was her last day. To my pleasant surprise, everyone on the team (historically not an overly sociable bunch) seemed keen to make sure she had a good send off. So for a kick-off there was a pub lunch, which I actually missed out on as someone had to stay behind at the office and hold down the fort. This was then followed later on in the afternoon by the usual little gathering you always seem to get in offices when somebody leaves, where we handed over a leaving card and some presents, and had a bottle of champagne between us. The usual end-of-the-week beer and pizza thing started earlier than normal this week for some reason, so by 4:30 we were all up in the cafe for yet more drinks.

Nice as it would have been to just stay in the cafe, I had a couple of calls to make and things to finish off, so was back at my desk by 5, and put in another couple of hours before heading home around 7. I walked back to the flat by way of the Tate Britain, as our new intern (see yesterday's entry) has wanted to go and see it and wasn't sure exactly how to get there.

Didn't do much for the rest of the evening, just slobbed about the flat watching TV really.

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