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Another flat viewing, a curry, and a late night

Posted on 2008/02/02 10:34:46 (February 2008).

[Wednesday 30th January]
Went for another flat viewing this morning, and this one was actually not bad - it was in a nice old Victorian building with high ceilings and a really big kitchen (the sort of kitchen that you can imagine being very popular at a house party). On the downside though it was on a ground floor, and being right on the border of the not-so-nice part of the area where we live it seemed like it was absolutely guaranteed to get burgled. Moreover it was furnished, and the lounge had an utterly repugnant leather sofa - past experience of trying to get landlords to replace (or even just remove) unwanted items of furniture suggests that we'd probably end up stuck with it, and I'd just be sitting on the floor the whole time. So on balance I was still confident the best option was just to stay where we were.

Left the office some time around 8 today. Both Chie and I rather fancied going out for a curry, so we met up on my way home and went to a place nearby our flat that we haven't tried before. The food was quite passable, although I was slightly put off by a number of rather unfriendly edicts in the menu - there was a minimum charge per customer, and anyone ordering only side dishes would be charged a supplement. As it happens I did want to order only side dishes - if Chie and I go for a curry I generally find ordering three or four side dishes makes for a much more interesting meal than two main dishes, given that vegetable curies seem to run the risk in Indian restaurants of being a bit generic. So we ordered a mottor paneer, some sag aloo, some tarka dal and a vegetable bhuna. Predictably the bhuna (the only "main" dish) was the most uninteresting of the four.

Back at home afterwards I got back on the computer and put in another couple of hours work trying to get to the bottom of an issue that had originally looked like fallout from yesterday's drama, but in the end turned out to be unrelated. So it was after midnight by the time I finally finished the day's work.

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