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Winding Down

Posted on 2008/01/26 19:26:59 (January 2008).

[Friday 25th January]
When I spoke with the company who manage our flat earlier in the week about the renewal, they'd asked that I get back to them with a decision one way or the other by the end of this week - meaning today effectively. So with some trepidation I gave them a call this morning, and just got their answer phone. I left a message but they didn't get back to me, so I guess it won't be resolved until Monday now.

We had the usual end-of-the-week beer and pizza thing from 5. Since my team took on a few new people towards the end of last year, I've noticed this weekly event stretching out from a cursory 20 minutes or so, to quite often being an hour or two. We now tend to turn the one quick beer into two or three, and sit around doing a bit of a post-mortem for the week, or just generally chatting about anything we feel like. It's a little thing, but I really like this, very important for winding down and transitioning from work mode to "weekend mode". Whatever that means.

Chie also fancied pizza for dinner, so on arriving back at the flat I had more of the stuff, plus a can of Maes beer I'd brought back from Belgium.

Watched School of Rock on the telly - I had seen it before, but actually still managed to find it quite entertaining on the second viewing. Great to take my mind off the woes of central London accommodation.

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