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Posted on 2008/01/26 19:15:05 (January 2008).

[Thursday 24th January]
Still wasn't feeling 100%, but struggled back into work today nonetheless. I didn't get in particularly early, but stayed until around 8 so definitely put in more than the requisite number of working hours.

The whole of this week - from Tuesday onwards at least - seems to be characterised for me by an overriding sense of gloom. Tuesday night was probably the worst, but I've had continuing problems getting a good night's sleep each night since then.

I think it's mostly down to the accommodation situation hanging over our heads - not being sure where we're going to be living next month - but there are also a few other background factors - not least the fact that I've been ill, plus the state of the stock market. Throughout my life I've been blissfully ignorant of the ups and downs of the financial sector, but frustratingly this particular slump has come just around the time my shares vested, and had things been different I would have sold at least some of them straight away.

In the evening, Chie made dinner - pie and mash, with some Linda McCartney pies that had been on a ludicrously cheap special offer at the supermarket recently.

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