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Off Sick

Posted on 2008/01/26 19:04:58 (January 2008).

[Wednesday 23rd January]
My cold had deteriorated somewhat by this point, from being a nuisance to something that was making me feel really pretty awful, and actively preventing me from getting stuff done. A combination of the cold and worry about our accommodation situation had meant I'd hardly got any sleep the previous night. So by the time it came to this morning I really didn't feel in a fit state to go into work.

There is a strange querk of my company by which no-one every seems to just take a straight day off sick - the standard response seems to be "I'm sick, so I'm going to work from home today". I too fell into this patten today, and whilst it probably wasn't the most productive day I've ever had, I did manage to get a couple of very useful things done.

To our surprise we found Quorn in the supermarket in Brussels - so there must be at least something of a vegetarian community there. Interestingly the Quorn products there were all similar but slightly different to what we have here in the UK, and I was fascinated by this localisation process, so had to bring one back. So that formed tonight's decidedly half arsed dinner - these Belgian Quorn fillet type things, with hash browns and broad beans.

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