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Booking Flights

Posted on 2008/01/18 22:35:32 (January 2008).

[Wednesday 16th January]
Chie and I had been umming and and arring about a trip back to Japan in March this year. However, we'd held off on buying the tickets, as apparently if we got a Virgin Atlantic credit card we'd be able to get a fairly significant number of air miles just for buying the tickets with it, on top of the miles you ordinarily get for actually taking the flight. The process of applying had seen somewhat long and drawn out - apparently there are some question marks over my credit rating given that I had lived out of the country for a while. Anyway, after sending through a few bits of paperwork to prove my earnings etc it was approved, and the card arrived today.

So, this meant we could actually book the flights this evening. Despite constant pressure from Chie to be frugal, I couldn't bear the thought of those endless plan journeys in economy, so managed to get her to agree to at least premium economy. I'm hoping if we can accumulate enough miles we might even be able to upgrade to upper class on the way back.

I couldn't help but be slightly miffed that when booking Virgin flights with a Virgin credit card that I was charged the princely sum of nearly 30 quid for the privilege of paying by credit card. A bit of a nerve really when you consider they must be giving at least some of that money back to themselves. Still, I guess it is fair enough considering it has bought me nearly 5000 bonus miles - 25% of what I'd need to upgrade from premium to upper.

Both Chie and I were rather existed once we'd got our flights booked, and I then set about busily informing my friends in Japan that I'd be coming to see them in a couple of months' time. I can taste the Asahi Super Dry already!

Had bangers and mash for dinner with 3 different types of vegetarian sausages, allowing us to do a bit of a taste comparison. I think Cauldron' were narrowly the winner, with the Quorn offering in second place, and Linda McCartney's lagging well behind in third.

Comment 1

You lucky pair!!!
Wish I could go back again.

Anyway, hopefully you'll be taking some photos of Japan again please John.

Posted by Jerry at 2008/01/19 15:02:39.

Comment 2

I hate the fact that the make you pay for a service that it's good only for them. That's probably why I haven't got one of those credit cards, even though they could be well useful when getting those expensive tickets...

Posted by Lox at 2008/01/20 10:06:29.

Comment 3

Hope to see you and Chie out here if I'm still in Tokyo :)

Posted by Gavin at 2008/01/22 01:51:13.

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