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Quick Pint After Work

Posted on 2008/01/10 22:25:56 (January 2008).

[Monday 7th January]
Today was the start of the first proper 5 day week since mid December - so actually a little bit of a shock to the system initially.

A new guy started on my team a month or two ago. He has really impressed everyone so far by absolutely hitting the ground running - our company in general (and specifically our project) has a fairly steep learning curve in terms of internal technology we have to learn, which most people (myself included) find quite intimidating when they first start. This chap however seems to have taken it all very much in his stride, and I'm sure he has great things ahead of him. Anyway, the reason I bring him up is that today he raised himself even more in my opinion - at the end of the day he uttered the magic words "does anyone fancy a quick pint after work?". Tomorrow will be my one year anniversary at this job, and in all that time, with the exception of people visiting us on business trips, I could easily count the occurrences of this phenomenon on the fingers of one hand (and still have some spare fingers). So I was very pleased indeed.

We didn't stay out long - just a couple of pints - but I can't over-emphasize just how important this is to me having a happy work environment.

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