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Dim Sum and The Queen

Posted on 2007/12/31 12:18:55 (December 2007).

[Saturday 29th December]
Chie went out shopping towards the end of the morning, generously leaving me to my own devices. I basically just slobbed around the flat for a couple of hours, tinkered with a couple of things on the computer and attended to the now routine interruptions from work.

Around 2 I headed out to meet up with Chie for Dim Sum, as we'd both rather fancied this for a couple of days. We went to our usual Dim Sum haunt - Royal China on Baker Street, and the food was quite exquisite as always. I also bumped into a bloke from work in there - it is gratifying to discover some of the people I work with have similar tastes.

Following this Chie made an attempt to include me in her shopping activities but I was having none of it - especially as it appeared to be one of those shopping expeditions of the vague and meandering type, without any particular focus on really buying anything. So I declared that I was just going over to Rice Wine to pick up Japanese beer etc, and was then going to go home. To my surprise Chie actually seemed to just accept that (albeit that she cunningly got me to stop off at some other shops for more pointless dithering en route).

Back at the flat, in the evening, we watched The Queen. I have to admit to actually quite enjoying it - I can't deny the fact that I do have a bit of a fascination with the royal family and it was very interesting to have this peek into their private lives, albeit largely fictional of course. I did think they missed a trick though - considering the writers presumably entirely invented all of the dialogue within the royal household, you'd have thought they could have really gone out on a limb. I'd love to have seen our Liz really throwing her weight around: "I am the F*#^ing Queen you know!". Etc.

One can't help but wonder if the Queen has actually seen the film (I would imagine so) and what she thought of it.

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