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The Day After Boxing Day

Posted on 2007/12/28 13:29:04 (December 2007).

[Thursday 27th December]
Today Mum and Keith were heading back up to the Midlands, but before doing so the plan was to go down to Guildford and visit my brother and his family. We would have gone on Boxing Day, but as already noted the trains weren't running.

We arrived at my brother's house around 11, and proceeded to distribute presents amongst the kids. Me and Chie had got them these wooden toys we'd found in Habitat - one a London taxi, one a crane, and one an ambulance. The crane had struck me and Chie as the most interesting one as you could move the crane's arm about and pick things up with it etc - however once the paper had come off the kids immediately elected a favourite - the black cab - and then proceeded to squabble over possession of it. You can never tell!

Chie and I headed back soon after lunch - I was being paged with alerts from work (this had been a pretty much daily occurrence over the festive period) and was feeling generally exhausted. What with rushing to get things done at work before finishing for the year, then rushing around shopping, then entertaining for four days, I was tired out. So we headed back to London, I quickly managed to resolve the problems at work, then spent the rest of the day doing as close to bugger all as physically possible, which was great.

Comment 1

Yes, they loved John and Chi'e's presents and totally ignored Granny's! Although Katie was in her Fairy Princess frock from her birthday (on the 24th) all day. Poor ol' Uncle John had to miss his pudding due to the callouts. Everybody now ... aah! I threatened to sort his manager out, but the offer wasn't taken up.

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/12/28 23:08:47.

Comment 2

Wooo paged by the manager, you are truly in a position of POWER!! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/12/28 23:49:04.

Comment 3

I wasn't paged by the manager, all our pages are automated so it was just "the system". My manager, who is usually an absolute workaholic, has in fact been conspicuously absent from emails etc over Christmas. This is probably a good thing!

Posted by John at 2007/12/29 10:32:11.

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