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Boxing Day

Posted on 2007/12/28 13:13:34 (December 2007).

[Wednesday 26th December]
So today I was back to racking my brains for something to do to entertain our guests. I'm not sure what Boxing Day traditionally consisted of - I have memories of visiting more relatives and eating leftovers. As already noted though we couldn't easily get to see any relatives today, as we were in London and although my brother is only a short train journey away the trains weren't running today.

We took a look around on the web to see if any museums etc might be open, but they were pretty much all closed. Mum had suggested she'd like to go out for a walk somewhere, and so after some deliberating I decided we ought to head for Primrose Hill, given that it was relatively nice weather and we ought to be able to have a good view out over London.

As an added bonus there's a single bus route that takes us all the way to Primrose Hill from where we live, taking in a lot of sights in central London on the way - and all that for 90p.

On arrival at Chalk Farm (the nearest stop to Primrose Hill) I spotted the Belgo Noord there was open and it occurred to me this would probably suit us all quite well for lunch. They do an express lunch for about six quid (which includes a beer) which is realy good value, and seemed to go down rather well. I couldn't resist the temptation whilst there to indulge in a few more Belgian beers including a particularly fruity Floris Ninkeberry with dessert. Very nice.

After lunch we headed over to Primrose Hill to take in the view. It was particularly clear today, and having spent this year in London I noticed a lot more landmarks than on my previous visits.

Back at the flat in the evening we had the traditional ad hoc meal of leftovers - Chie and I had a Japanese curry (including sprouts!) which went down very well indeed.

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