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First Day Off

Posted on 2007/12/25 21:58:42 (December 2007).

[Friday 21st December]
At the start of this week it had occurred to me I had five days holiday I had to use before the end of the year, and counting back all the working days left until the end of the year meant that I had to take today off whether I wanted to or not.

In the morning, slightly hungover, I decided to make a start on my Christmas shopping. The crowds in the centre of London weren't actually as bad as I thought they might have been - I guess there were still three shopping days after today. I managed to get a few things - all of which seemed to be in big, bulky boxes, and then took a break to have lunch at the vegetarian Chinese place I'm rather fond of on Greek Street. After that I decided to just head back to the flat. I was originally planning to drop off my stuff and then head back out to buy more, but predictably once I got back to the flat, the quick sit down turned into an afternoon nap, and before I knew it it was dark and my enthusiasm to do any more shopping had vanished. Still, it was very nice indeed to just have a bit of quiet time to myself, and a proper rest.

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