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Posted on 2007/12/10 23:30:15 (December 2007).

[Monday 10th December]
Despite the generally upbeat tone that our otherwise dreadful anniversary weekend had taken towards the end, today I went into work feeling somewhat glum. I think this is a common sensation experienced by lots of working people, when it is approaching the end of the year, and you're already past a certain threshold of work related fatigue, but you know you still have a couple of weeks of hard slog to go (not to mention the ordeal of Christmas shopping, etc, still ahead of you).

I knocked up a simple dinner this evening, some vegetarian kiev things, with some sautéed potatoes, broccoli, broad beans, and a parsley sauce. It was actually quite nice.

I then spent most of the remainder of the evening getting my blog up-to-date. As a sort of New Year's resolution at the start of 2004 I determined I was going to write a blog entry for every single day from then on. Although it was actually a bit patchy for the first few months, I have basically stuck to that ever since - for almost four years. Throughout I've tended to be a bit bursty, often leaving it a few days before I go and deal with the backlog. Recently though those delays have been gradually creeping up, and when I do finally cave in and update it I'm finding I often have more than a week to fill in for. I guess this is partly just down to being overworked of late and not really having the energy for it (or anything particularly interesting to write about for that matter).

So I have to admit I'm starting to harbour thoughts of giving up on that one-entry-per-day rule. For the sake of completeness I'll at least try and drag it out until the end of this year, but possibly in the New Year I may have to have a rethink.

Comment 1

Yes, congratulations are in order for your perserverence, John! I conked out much more rapidly!!

And I love the notion of being "a bit bursty" :D Don't know quite why but this has caught my imagination and I shall try to use it - in the appropriate places of course - over the next few days! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/12/11 15:55:34.

Comment 2

Mmmm. I'd like to cheer you up, but dunno what to say, really.
Does "C'mon fatso ! Shake it a little!" suit you ?

Posted by Sheri at 2007/12/11 18:47:25.

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