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Posted on 2007/12/10 21:15:56 (December 2007).

[Wednesday 5th December]
One of the guys was over from our Californian office this week, so as is the custom we decided we ought to take him out this evening. For reasons I don't quite recall, we decided initially that we should head over to the City, with the intention of going to The Counting House, but as it was rather packed there we instead went for our first drink at The Lamb in Leadenhall Market.

There then followed that most unbearable of experiences: a group of people wandering around trying to find (and agree on) somewhere to have dinner. Honestly, this is how I envisage hell, an eternity spent meandering fruitlessly around with a bunch of people, all clearly very frustrated, but trying to be polite, nobody wanting to commit to any one place, and anywhere that may look vaguely acceptable being full (or serving a cuisine that one member of your party is incapable of eating for some reason).

In true Meaning of Liff style, I shall dub this concept Avishays.

As is often the case, eventually one person loses patience and imposes their will on everyone else - and typically whilst the initial reaction of the rest of the group is a hint of thinly veiled annoyance, in actual fact everyone is desperately grateful that they've been offered a way out of that soul destroying agony.

So we went to My Old Dutch in Holborn for dinner. We didn't have any trouble getting a table, despite there being six of us, and the food was rather good.

Afterwards, as we were in the neighbourhood, I couldn't help but propose a final drink in the Cittie of Yorke, and it was of course as great as ever. It is a well observed fact that any conversation with people of a similar age group will eventually devolve into the subject of children's television, and tonight was no exception. What I was particularly impressed with though was the way in which this was still able to work despite having participants from three different continents - North America, Australasia and the UK apparently have quite a lot of the same kid's TV shows.

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