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Pewter Tankards

Posted on 2007/12/10 20:54:37 (December 2007).

[Monday 3rd December]
There was a Christmas party tonight, just for the engineers working at my office. There's also going to be another one for the whole office, but the venue sounds a bit dubious so I haven't yet made up my mind whether I'm going or not. Tonight's event was a fairly low key affair - we basically just hired a room at the back of a bar - but it was very nice nonetheless. It was a place called Champagne Charlie's near Embankment, which was I suppose more of a wine bar than a pub. Whilst this does not bode particularly well - and the regular clientèle did look a bit stuffy - it had one unarguable redeeming feature - they served beer in pewter tankards.

To my surprise everybody on my team turned out for the occasion - a pretty rare event in itself - in fact it may actually be the first time this has happened since I started this job. Despite the recent stresses at our office, the mood this evening seemed generally quite upbeat and jubilant, and as far as I could tell a good time was had by all. I certainly really enjoyed it.

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