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Posted on 2007/12/10 20:47:02 (December 2007).

[Sunday 2nd December]
Had breakfast with Simon and Vanessa, who had stayed over the previous evening. There's always something comforting about being around people (in this case just one person - Simon) who are more hungover than you are. In fact I didn't really have any hangover to speak of - as a result of the venue I hadn't been particularly enthused to drink a whole lot the previous evening. I guess that's a good thing.

Chie and I didn't do a whole lot the rest of the day after seeing off Simon and Vanessa. We went out to do the usual Sunday afternoon food shopping, including an extended visit to Holland and Barrett. We have one not too far from where we live, and quite often pop in to buy vegetarian foodstuffs. Today we also had a bit of a look in the vitamins section, which I found oddly fascinating. As someone who has only ever bought a tub of multivitamins on one or two occasions in his entire life, I found the vast array of supplements on offer quite astonishing. I guess it's a bit like the modern equivalent of those travelling apothecaries they had in the middle ages, who'd sell tinctures curing all known ills, etc.

Made a particularly superb roast meal in the evening. Everything came out perfectly - crispy roast potatoes and parsnips and Yorkshires with exactly the right texture (I'm not sure I really have adjectives for this, but you just know when you bite into on).

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