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Working From Home (As Opposed to Not Really Working From Work)

Posted on 2007/12/02 18:03:38 (December 2007).

[Friday 30th November]
Four days of solid randomisation (see yesteday's post) was getting a bit too much for me, so today I decided to get a bit of peace and quiet by working from home. It was very relaxing to have a whole day without any interruptions (with the exception of a meeting I was asked to dial into a meeting around lunchtime), and consequently I got a lot done, which was quite gratifying.

Chie had her company Christmas party in the evening. Given that her company is a bit stingy, it was the sort of Christmas party where other halves are not invited. However, it sounds like I didn't miss much. Chie found it very disappointing indeed - those responsible for organising it were presumably the sort of people who'd be incapable of arranging for inebriation to occur in an ale production facility. They apparently spent half the night queuing up outside in the rain, to then get into a venue that was woefully inadequate (three toilets for 600 people), serving wine that was undrinkable and food that was merciful at least in how easy it was to forget. I believe she referred to it as the worst Christmas party she'd ever been to.

So instead I just stayed in, and continued to work on my pet project - a thing I'm doing at work, but pretty much on my own, which I'd love to be able to write about here, but unfortunately can't. People at work are starting to notice it now - I managed to recruit a small team of internal testers this week, which is really quite exciting, and an important step on the road to this possibly becoming a publicly released product one day (which, following the little daydream to it's logical conclusion, will result in a huge bonus with which I'll buy me an Chie and idyllic little home in the country somewhere).

Comment 1

If you found wine undrinkable I cannot believe what it might have tasted like...

Posted by Lox at 2007/12/02 20:58:00.

Comment 2

Well you'd have to ask Chie in this particular instance, but I certainly have had a couple of experiences of the sort of crappy wine you get at Christmas parties.

Presumably people who work in the wine making industry, given their constant proximity to booze, are occasionally overtaken by the desire to knock a litre or two back whilst on the job. As a result whole batches get entirely cocked up, and the resulting casks are labelled "send to Britain for Christmas parties".

Posted by John at 2007/12/02 23:06:56.

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