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Posted on 2007/12/02 17:15:39 (December 2007).

[Wednesday 28th November]
Recently our bath had been taking a long time to drain, which meant that when taking a shower you'd end up ankle deep in water, which wasn't so nice. As always I'd been terrible at getting round to phoning up the maintenance people to come and sort this out, and as a result Chie has become somewhat irate with me the previous evening. Given this extra impetus, today I finally managed to get in touch with the maintenance people and get it sorted out, and so to celebrate Chie and I went out for dinner.

OK, actually that wasn't the motivation for eating out at all really, but I just rather like the notion of celebrating an unblocked drain.

We had both fancied a curry for the past couple of days, and decided to try and find somewhere near my office, so Chie could meet me there when I finished work. Chie had taken a look at Time Out earlier in the day, and had settled upon a place called Sekara, which was actually a Sri Lankan restaurant, under the mistaken belief it would be pretty similar to Indian food. Apparently it is the only fully authentic Sri Lankan restaurant in London. I'm not sure I've ever knowingly had Sri Lankan food before, but it turned out to be markedly different from Indian food.

For starters we had vadai (a kind of lentil cake) and some vegetable pancake rolls, both of which were very spicy, and very tasty. Our main courses - a vegetable biriyani and the "Vegetable Koththu Roti" - were if anything a tad bland by comparison with our starters, but certainly very filling. So my overall impression was quite good, and it was definitely nice to have the opportunity to eat a slightly different cuisine - one of the great things about being in London.

Comment 1

John, have you tried the caustic soda drain unblocking products (in Greece they are called Tuboflow and Flup) and all you have to do is pour the sachet down the drain and then follow up with a litre and a half of boiling water for a very entertaining and satisfyingly noisy Vesuvius effect of all the gunk in the bath/sink outlet briefly emerging into the light of day before disappearing on a trip to the sea. Lots of fun! :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2007/12/02 18:31:59.

Comment 2

Well we tried some "Mr Muscle" drainage unblocker, or some such product, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I don't think anything like that is ever quite as effective as just detaching the U-bend and emptying it of all the manky hair etc that it inevitably gets clogged up with.

Posted by John at 2007/12/02 23:09:22.

Comment 3

True, but the rumblings from down under when the boiling water goes in are a marvel to behold... :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2007/12/03 06:52:58.

Comment 4

Funnily enough, my kitchen sink was blocked only a couple of weeks ago - all that sheep's wool I process for knitting. Bit more difficult for you in a block of flats.

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/12/03 20:17:27.

Comment 5

In a way less difficult, as there's a little man who comes round to do those sorts of things...

Posted by John at 2007/12/03 22:53:55.

Comment 6

Would that be the same "little man" that Vera always uses?

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/12/04 20:19:55.

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