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After Work Beers

Posted on 2007/12/02 16:53:48 (December 2007).

[Tuesday 27th November]
A monumental occasion today - I was actually asked out for a beer by somebody at work. It turned out it was actually someone or other's birthday, but that didn't lessen the impact of this joyous event. We just went to the pub round the corner from the office, it wasn't anything particularly special, but given that this is only something like the fourth or fifth time this has happened since starting the new job I was really very pleased.

I was actually quite busy at work today, and wasn't really ready to leave the office at the point at which the beery proposition was made, but these things are so rare nowadays that I can't afford to say no, especially as that might lessen the chance of being asked again. On the downside this meant that when I got back home I had to do a bit more work, as there were a couple of things I absolutely had to have finished today. Still, in hindsight I still think it was a price worth paying.

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