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Jinro Induced Hangover

Posted on 2007/12/02 16:30:13 (December 2007).

[Saturday 24th November]
Not surprisingly today was largely overshadowed by a Jinro induced hangover. Whilst the other member of our party the previous evening had shown a little less enthusiasm for the Korean beverage, my friend Gav and I had knocked back rather a lot of the stuff.

Leon and Stew had stayed over at our flat the previous night, and despite going slightly easier on the Jinro neither of them had entirely escaped the inevitable hangover either. It was probably around lunchtime by the time we all surfaced, and after a cup of tea and a bit of a rest (for Leon to gather the strength to get up) we took them to Victoria station, where they both got the train back to Canterbury.

I was somewhat peckish by this point, as one often is when hungover, so we decided to go for a fry-up at a little cafe we'd spotted a couple of times close to our nearest supermarket. We had a fair old wait for our breakfasts to arrive, and as always the vegetarian version was just a subset of the standard version (and the same price) but the portions were really substantial, and all that greasy carbohydratey goodness made me feel much better.

We spent the rest of the day having a complete rest back at the flat, and I did very little whatsoever. We knocked up some fajitas for dinner and I think in the evening we watched Zatoichi (I'm writing this a few days hence, it may actually have been another day when we watched this). A bid bloodthirsty for my tastes, but that aside I rather enjoyed it.

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