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A Cause for Celebration

Posted on 2007/11/20 22:20:51 (November 2007).

[Saturday 17th November]
A very good friend of mine (who I won't name, just in case there are other friends of his who happen to read this and he hasn't told yet - it would rather spoil the suprise) phoned me up today on the pretence of being in London for a bit of "shopping", and wondered if I might like to meet up for a drink later. So, naturally, I asked him whereabouts he was going to be doing his shopping, to which he replied Hatton Gardens. What a giveaway. "Oh... that kind of shopping!" I replied. Swiftly I put two and two together, and within moments I was congratulating him.

(For anyone not familiar with London, Hatton Gardens is a road filled with jewellers, where young folk go with a gleam in their eye to buy engagement rings).

So, towards the end of the afternoon, Chie and I headed over to the Whisky Society - conveniently just around the corner from Hatton Gardens - where we waited for my friend and his fiancée to finish their shopping. Once they were done, I invited them over to the club, and as the mood seemed to take us the four of us indulged in a spot of the old Veuve Cliquot, followed by a wee dram each, in the very agreeable surrounds of what is quite possibly my favourite venue in the capital.

Chie had arranged to have dinner with one of her colleagues and her husband, and working on the "the more, the merrier" principle I decided it would be nice to bring my newly engaged friends along too. So the six of us dined at a Turkish restaurant called Kazan, not far from where Chie and I live. Therein we kicked off with some raki and mixed mezze and then moved onto a bottle of Turkish red wine (much to the delight of our waiter it seemed) and our main courses - I don't recall what anyone else had, but I had halloumi kebabs. I'm not sure it was the best Turkish food I'd ever had, but it was lively and I was in a great mood so I didn't particularly care.

In summary a very jolly day out, where the drinks flowed freely, and much merriment was had by all.

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