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Anglesey and Back Down to South Wales

Posted on 2007/11/19 20:24:36 (November 2007).

[Thursday 15th November]
In the afternoon today Vera and I were due to get the train back down to South Wales, but rather than just dropping us off at the station, Dad decided we should set out early-ish, and make a bit of a day out of it. So we spent the morning and early afternoon on Anglesey.

I've hardly been to Anglesey proper before, having mostly just passed over the island to get to Holyhead for the ferry to Dublin. Somehow I had got an impression of it as being a rather bland and uninteresting part of Wales (certainly Holyhead feels a bit like a glimpse of the end of the world), but today we saw some really nice parts of the island which changed my mind a bit. First off we went to a place on the East coast called Moelfre which we all agreed was very reminiscent of a Cornish fishing village (and also brought back happy memories of mine and Chie's recent holiday to Islay - particularly Portnahaven).

For lunch we went to Beaumaris, which is also very charming, although I suppose not particularly Welsh (kind of an English colony really).

After our little exploration of the nicer parts of Anglesey it was time to head over to Bangor so Vera and I could get on our train. It was a bit of a long and tedious run - it is always less fun on the way back from somewhere - and was made more so because it was largely in the dark... but still, it served its' purpose, and we were back in Abergavenny in time for a very pleasant meal at Vera and Robin's house.

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Finally! This is just what I was lokoing for.

Posted by Jorja at 2011/06/22 14:33:37.

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