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More Family

Posted on 2007/11/13 12:33:45 (November 2007).

[Sunday 11th November]
Spent the day in South Wales. Had a nice quiet morning and early afternoon in Abergavenny with Vera and Robin, and then later on in the afternoon headed over to Chepstow for tea with my cousin Beck, her fiance Dave, and my aunt and uncle. We went the long way round so Chie could get a quick glimpse of Chepstow Castle. Despite having had family live in the area pretty much all my life I'd hardly ever seen the castle, and I was reminded how grand and impressive it is, especially when seen from across the valley as we did.

Beck and Dave had a bit of an announcement to make - they'd chosen a venue and a date for their wedding, next Autumn. It has been a while since we'd had a family wedding - not sure mine and Chie's really counts as no-one was able to make it there - so the last one was actually my brother's, which was ten years ago now (we'd babysitted for them back in September so they could go out and celebrate it). So, as everyone seems to be saying, "that's something to look forward to then"!

Comment 1

Yes, that's the trouble once you settle down - there seem fewer and fewer friends still existing as loose-canons and potential marriage fodder! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/11/14 16:37:34.

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