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Posted on 2007/11/13 11:50:32 (November 2007).

[Sunday 4th November]
Today was the last day of Mum's stay in London, and we had decided to have a daytrip down to Guildford to visit my brother and the kids. I had an odd sense of excitement about going somewhere by train with Mum, I don't think we've been on a train anywhere together for years, possibly decades, so I suppose I was filled with nostalgia of childhood holidays (albeit that these were mostly done by car - but nonetheless I was definitely nostalgic about something or other).

Anywho, we got to Guildford around 11, and spent a very pleasant few hours there with Adrian, Liz and the kids. Adrian and Liz also made a rather superb roast meal for us - lamb for the carnivores, and a really great lentil dish for me and Liz.

The kids were adorable and full of beans as always, I on the other hand was definitely flagging towards the end of the afternoon - a six day week had really taken it out of me.

We headed back into London around 4 or 5, and then Chie and I took Mum to St. Pancras where she got back on another train to the Midlands. We then went back to the flat and I attempted to do the absolute minimim possible for the rest of the day, on account of being generally knackered.

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