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Okasan to nihonshoku tabeta

Posted on 2007/11/13 11:47:27 (November 2007).

[Saturday 3rd November]
Mum went out today to some sort of convention, and Chie had also arranged to go to IKEA with a friend of hers. I on the other hand stayed in and worked.

Towards the end of the afternoon I popped out to go to Hamley's, so I could buy a birthday present for my nephew - it was a bit overdue, but we were plannning to go and visit him the next day. It was very busy in there - my guess was that this was parents taking their kids around to try and get an early indication of what they might want for Christmas. Still, despite the crowds and the inescapable consumerism I still found there was a kind of magic about this place. As a kid growing up in the Midlands during the recession of the 80s this was generally regarded as Mecca - as far as we were concerned it was the biggest toyshop in the universe, and those who had actually been lucky enough to have been there were revered in the playground as blessed pilgrims.

Whilst "in town" I also popped into Rice Wine to buy some things for dinner - it occurred to me we had never actually made Japanese food for my Mum, and I decided tonight was a good opportunity to do so.

So in the evening the three of us stayed in again, and Chie and I industriously prepared sushi for dinner. When we just cook for ourselves we tend to be lazy and just eat temaki style - putting all the bits on the table and just assembling and eating as we go. Tonight though, as we had an honoured guest, we actually made maki and so on, and I was rather pleased with the result.

Comment 1

Arigato goziamasu.

Posted by Honoured guest at 2007/11/13 15:03:41.

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