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Posted on 2007/10/31 13:25:10 (October 2007).

[Tuesday October 30th]
Another less-than-great day at work. I have become increasingly oversubscribed over the past few weeks, to the point where I am finding it very hard to get anything substabtial done, because I get randomised on a pretty much hourly basis by requests from all sorts of different people - all of whom need whatever it is done yesterday. It's a frustrating situation, because I don't think I'm working effectively as a result of this, but to mention to anyone (like my manager for example) that this isn't really working is sort of like admitting I can't really hack it. Maybe this is just a temporary crazy period and things will settle down, but right now I am really not enjoying going into work each day.

In the evening I made a curry for dinner (Indian rather than the more normal Japanese) but it wasn't that great - by the time I had got back home it was already on the late side, and so I was rushing the whole thing. Oh well.

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