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Posted on 2007/10/27 13:24:58 (October 2007).

[Friday 26th October]
The excesses of the past couple of days had really taken their toll, and I was pretty much exhausted by today. I spent the day dealing with the aftermath of the previous few days' problems, and taking part in "postmortem meetings" to try and make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. I still feel a tad narked about the whole thing - the response from other people (non-engineers in particular) seems to be frustration and a hint of criticism that it happened in the first place, rather than what it should be - immense gratitude that I went to such extremes to fix it, and that we actually have a working system in the first place.

I left the office at a sensible time today - around 6. Chie had gone out after work with her friends, so I just spent the evening engaged in complete slobbishness, lying on the sofa watching TV. I guess at times like this I really appreciate being able to watch telly, an activity which requires absolutely no effort or brain power whatsoever.

I had bought some "fishless fish cakes" at a health food shop last weekend, and decided to have a slobbish dinner involving those in some pita bread with ketchup. It was about as far from haute cuisine as you cn get, but was at about the limit of how much effort I was prepared to make.

Comment 1

Seems like you had quite a few busy days that all ended in success ( well mostly except for the whiny sales people who were probably worried amount their enormous commissions they were missing out on ;) ).

Also what the hell is in a fishless fish-cake ? I assume its fish-cake shaped, covered in breadcrumbs? Does it even taste of fish - how can it lol.

Surely its a veggie-cake ?

Posted by Kev at 2007/10/27 15:49:03.

Comment 2

It was something in the style of a fish cake, but just not containing any fish. Fishcakes are mostly mashed potato, breadcrumbs and oil anyway - you only need to put in a bit of something vaguely tasting like the sea (e.g. seaweed) plus some dill or something, and it is surprisingly close.

Posted by John at 2007/10/28 22:38:42.

Comment 3

Ah I see

Posted by Kev at 2007/10/28 23:51:54.

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