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Seventeen Hours

Posted on 2007/10/27 12:55:38 (October 2007).

[Wednesday 24th October]
Today was a somewhat hell-ish day at work. I have a colleague who seems to have some kind of jinx on him whereby whenever he goes on holiday, everything seems to fall apart - and it is almost always my responsibility to fix it. The project I work on now has a direct and immediate impact on revenue - when things go wrong, millions of dollars are at risk. I don't think I've ever worked on anything with such a real time connection to money before, and it makes it extremely stressful sometimes.

When I started off at 9, things were all looking pretty normal, but by lunchtime I had a bit of an ely (as per Douglas Adam's Meaning of Liff - the first, tiniest inkling that something has going terribly wrong), and in the afternoon I was in full fire-fighting mode. This continued right through until 2AM, making this a seventeen hour day.

I did manage to get all the fires put out in the end, but I can't help but have a lingering feeling of annoyance over the whole thing. I really broke my back today to save us from what could have been a total disaster, and the net result seemed to be a small round of half-hearted thankyous, followed by the non-engineering types on the team (the PMs and sales people and so on) whinging about the fact that the customers were unhappy about some delays in getting their data, etc.

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Posted by tom at 2007/10/29 13:37:34.

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