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Tea Party

Posted on 2007/10/22 13:01:36 (October 2007).

[Saturday 20th October]
As a sort of very belated house warming party, Chie had invited some of her Japanese friends to our flat today, mostly former colleagues from the company she had worked for in Maidenhead, up until two-and-a-bit years ago.

Given that the guest list comprised mostly of Japanese women, it had been decided that the format would be more of a tea party than a boozy event.

Chie and I had the usual lazy weekend morning, then ventured out around lunchtime to buy things for the tea party. We went to the Waitrose on King's Road, which took us past the little farmer's market held there, and I couldn't resist buying some Ceps - more on these in tomorrow's entry.

Our guests arrived just before 3, and we then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon, and well into the early evening, consuming vast quantities of tea, and assorted cakes and sandwiches. Very civilised.

One of Chie's friends has a 7 year old daughter who I have met a couple of times before, and is quite simply adorable. She helped me make the sandwiches, and in return I tested her on her 9 times table. She has a cunning trick which relies on the fact that the units of each result decrement at each step. Oh, and I showed her my two rubbish card tricks - the one where you sort 21 cards into three piles, and the blatant cheating one where you just bend the card and look at the number in the corner. She actually seemed quite impressed.

Most of our guests left around 9, which the exception of Shingo-san (an old friend of Chie's from university) who we managed to persuade to hang around and have a few beers. It turned into quite a late night in the end, and I don't think we went to bed until about 2AM.

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