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Gnocchi and Whisky

Posted on 2007/10/20 09:41:40 (October 2007).

[Tuesday 16th October]
I fancied making a bit of an old classic for dinner this evening: gnocchi in a blue cheese sauce with garlic and spinach. Given the recent dubious vegetarian status of my previous favourite - Dolcelatte - I have sought out other alternatives, and settled on a rather nice Cornish Blue available in my local Sainsbury's. Stilton tends to be a bit overpowering for this dish, but it seems most other blue cheese are a bit tamer and thus better suited. It came out rather well, if I do say so myself.

The other event of the day was receiving a boxed set of whisky - a special offer from the SMWS when I renewed my membership recently. It consists of four 10cl miniatures each from a different whisky region (Lowland, Speyside, Highland and Islay). This is a really good idea in terms of broadening the horizons for someone like me who tends to always buy malts from the same group of distilleries (Islay and the other islands, plus Campbeltown and Clynelish/Brora).

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