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Japanese Food and RSS (Rabbit Syndication Service)

Posted on 2007/10/16 13:04:01 (October 2007).

[Saturday 13th October]
Today Chie and I fancied some Japanese food, so in the afternoon we headed out for a spot of shopping. Instead of the usual central London shops (Rice Wine / Arigato / Japan Centre) we decided to give one out in the suburbs a go - Atari-ya in West Acton.

It turned out to be quite different to what we're used to - concentrating a lot more on fresh fish, and just a few odds and ends of other Japanese foodstuffs. So I'm sure it would be great if you're really into your sashimi, but wasn't all that great for me, and Chie was put off buying fish as a combination of guilt and pragmatism that she couldn't really eat much by herself.

West Acton appeared to be a somewhat uninspiring place, so we didn't hang around after we'd been to the shop. Chie headed straight back to the flat after that, whilst I took a detour by way of the centre to visit our old faithful Rice Wine in Soho to buy some Sapporro and some tofu.

So a large part of the rest of the day was then taken up with preparing then eating our assorted Japanese food and drink.

Also I spent part of today fixing the various RSS feeds on the Maison to make them more Colin-friendly. The message board now has an RSS feed (click here), and all of the various feeds for our various blogs here on the Maison have feeds which actually validate now (for example - click here). The next thing to do is make RSS feeds for the comments on our blogs, and then Colin will be able to keep a watchful eye on more or less any updates made to the site.

I'll leave you with this, from Colin:

Comment 1

I think it will not be long till Colin will have its own blog and page... :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/10/16 16:20:39.

Comment 2

Oh what a lovely voice Colin has!

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/10/19 10:51:06.

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