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More fun with Colin

Posted on 2007/10/13 11:37:16 (October 2007).

[Thursday 11th October]
In the daytime Chie was off sick again, and Colin proved to be a very useful tool for communicating with Chie whilst she was at home. In a sense, sending a message to a nabaztag is not much different to sending an email, but you don't have to boot up your computer, and Colin reads the message out loud as soon as he gets it.

So the evening was lost in more playing around with Colin, for example:

I also had a bit of a play around with the Nabaztag API - you basically just bundle together commands into URLs (along with your rabbit's serial number and a special token number), make an HTTP request (i.e. type that URL into your browser, or use a command line tool like curl, or whatever), and the Nabaztag server forwards on the command to your bunny. So based on this simple but really neat system, I put together this page which, if you happen to want to send a message to Colin, will let you do so.

For dinner tonight we had a sort of "katsu kare" - normally this is a Japanese dish of Japanese curry with tonkatsu (a pork cutlet), but we obviously substituted some kind of Quorn fillet thing instead of the tonkatsu. Anyway, it was rather nice.

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