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I have a rabbit, he does wi-fi, his name is Colin

Posted on 2007/10/13 11:26:55 (October 2007).

[Wednesday 10th October]
This week had a definite electronics theme. Having had my first glimpse of a Nabaztag on Sunday, I'd immediately determined that I absolutely had to have one, and so had ordered one on Monday. It arrived today. I had it sent to work, thinking originally it might be a fun desk-side toy to have there, but it seems my new rabbit friend and the wireless network at the office could not be made to come to a common understanding, so instead I took it home.

It was up and running in no time once I got it back to the flat, and as you can imagine the evening was then entirely occupied with playing with my new toy. Thus far I got it to tell me the weather, the quality of the air, and to play Internet radio stations, and it does all of these things in its' charmingly bizarre and eccentric style. It is great.

For dinner tonight Chie, who was still not that well, wanted to eat mashed potato, so I built a meal around that - some broccoli spears, some vegetarian sausage rolls and some whisky gravy.

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