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Posted on 2007/10/11 13:51:35 (October 2007).

[Sunday 7th October]
Chie and I went out for a long walk in the afternoon today. We started off by taking a wander around Battersea Park. I found the Peace Pagoda there quite interesting - I hadn't realised it was built by a Japanese group of Buddhists.

After that we headed back over the river and into Kensington and Chelsea. We had a bit of a wander round there, including a visit to the Conran shop where I saw a nabaztag - if there had been any hype over these it had completely passed me by, as this was the first time I'd ever seen or heard of these strange objects.

We'd both had a hankering to go to Waitrose for a while (our nearest decent supermarket is a Sainsbury's, which is OK, but not my favourite). So on the way back we went by way of the Belgravia branch, which is gratifyingly posh. The home delivery forms here have a space to put the name of your maid/butler. Marvellous. We bought some things for dinner here, and then headed home.

For dinner I made some bruschetta - three varieties - one with chanterelles we'd bought at Borough Market yesterday, one with tomatoes and basil in olive oil in balsamic vinegar, and one with just a dollop of pesto on. All very nice, and followed by a main course of fresh pasta with more pesto and broccoli spears. Yum.

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Crikey ol boy.... Wot a snob!

Posted by Jerry at 2007/10/12 01:54:50.

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