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Malus Domestica

Posted on 2007/10/11 13:35:39 (October 2007).

[Saturday 6th October]
It was my Mum's 60th birthday today, so before anything else a big "Happy Birthday!" to her. She was off on a week long cruise around the Mediterranean to celebrate, starting today.

Chie and I had a mixed bag sort of a day.

This year I've been really determined to make the most of British apple season, which we're right in the midst of, so in the daytime today Chie and I headed over to Borough Market, to seek out some interesting specimens of good old Malus Domestica. Borough Market was a bit overcrowded as always seems to be the way (perhaps we ought to try a day other than a Saturday next time), but I still quite enjoyed having a look round the various foodstuffs. I was initially slightly underwhelmed at the array of apples on offer - but we did eventually find the one stall that seemed to specialise in this area, and they did a very reasonably priced pic and mix, with a good selection of varieties. So we bought five or six different types from there, plus a few more from another stall specialising in organic fruit and vegetable which turned out to be a bit overpriced, but looked irresistible rustic and deformed.

In the evening, we went to a birthday do for a friend of Chie's from work, around the Old Street area, which I'd hardly ever been to before. One of the highlights of this was this webcam, which when I got in front of I phoned everybody I knew to see if they could see me in it, but unfortunately no-one was in.

We started off at a bar called The Legion, and then headed on to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. It turns out this is a big centre for Vietnamese food, and Old Street and the surrounding area has quite a few places to choose from. So that made a very interesting change.

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