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Icing Sugar

Posted on 2007/10/06 12:26:24 (October 2007).

[Friday 5th October]
This evening followed a similar pattern to an evening back in June - a few drinks at the whisky society followed by dinner at Carluccio's in Smithfields.

I'd had a hankering to go to the society for the past few days, and as Chie was going to be meeting a friend after work for a quick drink or two, this seemed like a good opportunity. I left work on time, and took a bus there - I have gone off using the tube now, whilst the bus can take a bit longer, I much prefer it when there's a convenient route for where I want to go - it is cheaper, usually less crowded, and best of all I can enjoy the view along the way. Especially as the bus from where I work to where the whisky society is takes me right through the centre of London, and the upper level of a double decker bus provides an excellent vantage point from which to people watch.

So I wiled away a couple of very pleasant hours at the society, sampling the usual excellent selection of malts and chatting with David the ever knowledgeable barman. The theme of this evening was "icing sugar" a really interesting note I discovered, surprisingly, in an unusually sweet and fragrant Clynelish. This then prompted me to stray out of my usual territory and try a Bladnoch, which had a similar icing sugar theme mentioned in the tasting notes, and was rather spectacular. Previous attempts to try whiskies other than my usual (Islay Island / Campeltown / Clynelish / Brora) distilleries had met with mixed results, but tonight I was very pleased with the experiment.

Chie arrived at the society some time after 8, and we had one quick drink together there before heading off for dinner at the nearby Carluccio's in Smithfields. The food was very good again (in fact I think I had exactly the same main course as I'd had the previous time).

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