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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

My email address is as above - I've put it in an image in a vein attempt to reduce the amount of spam I get.

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Spam, Pasta and Heroes

Posted on 2007/10/06 11:43:20 (October 2007).

[Wednesday 3rd October]
Not much to report really. Spent most of the evening on the computer, a certain portion of which was occupied with setting up the latest offensive in the continual War On Spam we seem to be fighting here at the 'Maison. The most recent hack was something suggested by Tim, where you make use of Javascript to redirect the form just before it gets submitted - thus ensuring that (hopefully) messages will have to be posted by a real human being pressing the button, rather than some automated bot script. In the short term, this does seem to have rid us of our most recent bout of spam, which had been particularly virulent and annoying.

Had a really simple dinner tonight - pasta with that Sacla olive and tomato sauce of which I'm rather fond, and with the standard topping of cheese, then bunged under the grill for a bit. I am always intrigued by the significant difference in speed at which Chie and I eat pasta. I usually put about twice as much in my bowl, and yet by the time I am finished Chie still has half of hers left. If we're eating rice, however, it tends to be the other way round. There are times like this when the continents from we hail are very apparent!

Later on in the evening I watched a couple of episodes of Heroes, which I am still quite enjoying.

Comment 1

I repeat once more that you guys are geniuses, for thinking and then implementing all the stuff that goes on here! I knew that you were ace friends! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/10/06 18:52:29.

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