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Night Market

Posted on 2007/08/31 23:22:07 (August 2007).

[Thursday 30th August]
Again I felt really knackered at work today - that holiday can't come soon enough! I couldn't really face staying late, so left at a reasonable time, feeling generally pretty run down, and got onto a bus towards the city centre, which gave me a much needed time to just sit and reflect on life, the universe and everything - without really having to do anything. There was a time when I wasn't all that keen on taking buses in London, but now I find myself rather warming to the ability to sit up top and watch the world go by.

Anyway, I met up with Chie in Covent Garden, so we could go and see the "night market" - basically a farmer's market held in the evening. It didn't take long to walk round it, and basically we were a bit underwhelmed - Covent Garden is just too busy at the best of times, but put any kind of remotely special event on and it gets really over the top. Each stall had a modest selection of vaguely interesting goods, but with throngs of people jostling around them to take a look. So we quickly lost interest in that.

After this, we went for a quick pint at the Coach and Horses - a pub near Covent Garden I had read about in my book on historic London pubs. It was OK I guess - I was pleased to see the sign boasting 70 different whiskies, but wasn't sure I could actually count that many behind the bar.

For dinner we were feeling lazy and unadventurous so just went to the vegetarian Chinese buffet place on Greek Street. I had the same experience of usual "Mmmm this is really nice, but the meat eaters who come in here and don't understand it is all vegetarian are quite annoying, and I'm quite concerned about other people's hygiene standards".

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