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A Visitor from Dublin

Posted on 2007/08/31 23:10:01 (August 2007).

[Tuesday 28th August]
So we were into the last week before our week off now - and only a short four day week.

A guy who works at my company's Dublin office, who I had met in California while we were both doing our training out there, was over in London this week. Remembering that he was of a very sociable persuasion, and seemed to quite like his beer, I immediately lept on the opportunity to offer him an introduction to some of London's best pubs, and to my delight he seemed very keen on the idea.

So in the evening the two of us headed over to the Chancery Lane area. We started out at the Cittie of Yorke, then went to the Seven Stars, before making a slight detour to The Old Bank of England, and finaly ending up at Ye Old Mitre. All of these places were really quiet tonight which I found quite odd, but also nice, as it made it easy to have a conversation. We chatted about various things, including the relative merits of our UK and Ireland offices, and I made a mental note to try and visit Dublin at the first available opportunity ( and in fact I may have just such an opportunity in mid-September for a training course).

A very pleasant night out - I just wish I knew somebody like this actually in London!

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