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Bank Holiday

Posted on 2007/08/31 23:01:03 (August 2007).

[Monday 27th August]
Contrary to the rest of the reasonably well planned and eventful weekend, on the third day of our three day break we didn't really do much at all. We ventured out to the shops for a bit in the afternoon, and I bought a long overdue new pair of jeans. We also popped into Rice Wine Shop, as I really fancied some kimchi and a few other odd bits and piece of Japanese food.

As August Bank Holiday sort of marks the end of the summer, we decided to have a jug of Pimm's when we got back to the flat. It was jolly nice indeed.

For dinner we had a sort of Japanese meal, involving inari sushi, kimchi, and a surprisingly tasty dish of cucumber, (salted first, left to soak for a bit, then washed and drenched in rice vinegar). Very nice.

In the remainder of the evening we watched Breaking and Entering - yet another film with Jude Law in. It was really quite cleverly written, and well acted and directed, and despite having what basically amounted to a happy ending, I somehow found it a bit depressing. I guess you'd probably have to watch it to see what I mean.

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